Harry Smith

Website, Discord bot and Script Development.

My portfolio website to showcase my past work including website development (html, css, javascript, and python (flask)), discord bot development, command line scripts and other university assignments.


Here are my current abilities, scroll down to my portfolio to see how I put these into use for my work.

  • Python, react.js, PHP, C#, GoLang
  • Website Design, Full Stack
  • Discord Bot Development
  • Console Application
  • MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
  • Website hosting support and setup


Some of my past projects.

Various University Projects (2021-2023)

Software Developer @ Sonoran Software (2021-2022)

Worked as part of a team updating a Discord Bot that set SonoranCAD apart from competitors. Using version control software, and javascript.

LARoleplay (2022)

Landing page for a roleplay community which holds reporting functions, blog and profiles.

EcoPlay (2021)

An economy system which connects discord and a website to enable roleplay communities and other fun communities to have an economic system.

JBot Version 5 (2021)

The latest discord bot which moderates my discord server. Uses the most recent functionalities such as slash commands, forms and buttons.

Personal Website (2019)

My main testing hub, creating important functionalities such as image hosting, url shortening, user roles, blogs, and APIs.

SARP (2019)

Website and Discord bot combo, which connects the application website with discord. Syncing roles to acceptance status, posting messages, automatic staff roles via discord roles and much more

Website Development

Quotes are needed for website development as the complexity can range from an hours to hundreds of hours work.